Have you ever wondered what the flower of an eggplant, (otherwise known as an Aubergine) looks like?

Well most people only see this particular veggie in their local shop or market, missing out on the real magic! The flower of an eggplant is not only stunningly beautiful, (coincidentally also bearing a purple colour, albeit a lighter shade) but absolutely essential to producing its lovely shaped “egg” ! What is your favourite colour? If it’s purple, then an eggplant must rate pretty highly with you? Curiously it must be one of the few veggies which have the same coloured flower as its fruit; I guess this just makes it even more special! The key to producing such beautiful flowers is to firstly provide the right growing environment. The key is to growing their young seedlings in a position that provides plenty of sun, moisture and nutrients. As an organic veggie grower I use a combination of animal manures. One mature plant can keep you stocked with eggplants for an entire growing season. It is indeed a joy to sit back and watch their flowers develop into healthy fruit. It is particularly satisfying when you can harvest and enjoy the extra flavours of your own home grown veggies.

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