About Crossworks

Looking for a new game online?
Can’t find the type of game that satisfies your curiosity?

In Crossworks, you’ve got the works!

See if YOU can beat the game!

From out of hundreds of different patterns, choose from hook/line/sinker/chains/needles/pins/buckles/knots to complete the works.

Challenge yourself to match all the symbols to find all the possible solutions.

Keep going till you hit the target and collect your reward!

There are hints to use or if you need more clues you can purchase the ‘Work Outs’ (if you have to)

This is a game that you’ll be mesmerised by…

When you’re done – simply clear the board and start all over again!


  • Includes an introductory tutorial
  • Each puzzle contains multiple solutions
  • There are eight distinct work patterns
  • Target scale reveals your progress
  • Each puzzle has three achievement ratings
  • A progress board shows your current rating for each puzzle
  • Earn workouts for high achievement
  • Use workouts to give hints
  • Purchase workouts if and when required
  • Stunning graphics, game play and sound effects
  • You can clear the board at any time
  • You can view all completed solutions on any puzzle
  • Glossary of each work and their symbols
  • No advertising
  • Extra game packs available

Crossworks Reviews

“A game which gets you hooked straight away. It is easy to play, very relaxing as the App helps you by displaying the options you have already arranged but at the same time encourages you to think and create new patterns.
My children, 12 and 9 years old, told me that it is like a Maths lesson, but with ‘lots more fun’!

This game is amazing, and I have been looking in AppStore for a while for a game like this which is not only exciting and fun to play but presents a challenge, and you have to use your creative thinking skills to get the puzzles solved!


– Mila

“My kids loved this puzzle app! They found it challenging, addictive and fun. Really interesting concepts and gameplay. Highly recommend this.”

– Sarah, working mum

“Puzzle games are very different from other games; their complexities vary from simple to super complex. A great puzzle game can keep you entertained for many hours, there are thousands of puzzle games on IOS, sometimes it can get difficult to select the best possible game to play, that is why we have curated a list of top underrated puzzle games to play. Crossworks is featured in our top curated list – https://gameskeys.net/underrated-puzzle-games-to-play-on-ios/

– GAMESKEYS.NET, iOS & Android game reviewer’

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