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Glenn's Creativity Products are full of games, logic, challenges to play alone or together with friends in hours of fun

My passion is to invent and then distil new and innovative creative ideas that I can then share with others through my creative workshops. These ideas take the form of logic based games and puzzles using colourful and tactile pieces, which act to stimulate the creative process.

It is my belief that creativity is very much a sensory experience, greatly enhanced in a learning environment that fosters and enables real engagement with others.

A Brave New ‘Game’ World..

With so many of our internal needs oozing out from our very essence at times, no matter what we do, why are we left feeling like there’s something missing? Where do we go to to find what we are looking for?

When we come to ‘play’, we can find a little space in the world to ‘have a go’ and live in an imaginary world that belongs only to oneself.

Minus the unnecessary violence, with these games we have a chance to get addicted to the kinds of fun that will make you feel whole, give you that creativity experience that you are looking for. Feel like your brain is flowing with new ideas and has kick started again (or for the first time!).

If I can – You can!

Ever heard this phrase before?
From my humble experience in endlessly trying new creative pursuits over the years, I encourage you to give these games a try: you don’t have to be anyone ‘special’ with my online games, feel free to hide behind a screen and enjoy the fun! And when you want to share your victories in the game, give me and the Community a a shout, we’re here to share in the excitement fun with you!

Why Don’t We All Try Something New?

For Ye oldies, newbies to games, gamers looking for something new, young fresh and what’s trending? – Do more of what you love, ready for a change of scenery, and ready for the next big thing!

I’ve designed these games with all of you in mind, so it starts off easy and builds on the fun and challenge as you go. Get stuck in and let me know what you think!!



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Embark on a journey of discovery in a battle against the elements.

Wrestle with clues inscribed in stone to unscramble your puzzle, a puzzle which may hold the key to your survival ! Along the way seek out hidden crystals that grant you special powers. But watch out, or you may Thwart yourself in the crossfire!

Unlock the doors to see inside Thwart!!


Mobile game app


What is Crossworks?

Crossworks is a puzzle that will leave you with Pins & Needles, tie you up in Knots and bamboozle you Hook, Line & Sinker !

Buckle under pressure and you’ll miss out on rewards that will allow you to take off the Chains that may ensnare you.

These are the Works, each represents a different pattern.

Take a look at the Crossworks Official Trailer!!

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