Daydreaming? Now this is something many of us can only dream about nowadays, with all of the demands on our time. Quite apart from work stress and family commitments, it is our leisure time that is now largely caught up in a myriad of device ridden influences. Social Media commitments, watching videos, playing online games are collectively gobbling up and absorbing whatever precious time and space that we have left.

While in one sense these new leisure activities may be regarded as simply “downtime”, are they helping us to deal effectively with the stresses and strains of modern living, of forever being lost in our thoughts?  Do they leave us feeling fulfilled, energised, socially engaged or even creative?

When was the last time that you just looked up at the sky or listened to the sounds of nature?

Such an activity used to be labelled as “daydreaming”, often deplored as idleness or worse…..

For me, daydreaming has become a bit of a lost art and undervalued in the vital role that it plays in allowing ourselves to ebb the constant flow of thoughts and self-talk.   I like to think of it as losing ourselves from ourselves, to be in a state of “forgetfulness” where you momentarily cease to be aware of those things that are causing you stress and grief.

Importantly, this state of mind, (or absence of mind) can trigger the realisation that some form of “circuit breaker” or self-intervention is required to find a healthier work-life balance.

Discovering new activities that enable real contentedness, engagement and fun can help to draw our attention away from lingering problems, thoughts and concerns. A refreshed mindset revitalises our sense of who we really are which then enables us to better meet our spiritual, social and creative needs.

It all starts with taking time out and doing nothing, then who knows what journey this will take you on?

Give it a try!


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Sheng Yi
Sheng Yi
2 years ago

Hey Glenn, love this post! I find myself just staring at the sky, or a random seagull (haha) during my lunch break – such a nice change from staring at the screen all day.

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