Challenge yourself to explore further, in bigger more exciting territory; become more adventurous

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Being creative has so many hidden treasures and gives back as much as you give yourself to it. Raise your sensory perceptions. Finding alternative ways of seeing things leads to curiosity and can inspire you to understand that there is more to living than what you have been told there is.

Start with quick wins, this will enable you discover some new and maybe some hidden capabilities in something once feared or dreaded.

Activities that connect you with your creative side can allow your hidden inner self to rise up.

This month's question:
What country have you been to which left you feeling truly inspired, and why?

Last month we asked:
What's your favourite country?

You answered!
"England!" - Shereene
"I don't like picking favourites ...but Australia is pretty awesome" - Ben
"I love all countries because earth is my home" - Hope

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