When you are ‘Being Creative’ you feel empowered, free and awesome, happy, joyous, in flow, able to do ‘bigger’ things

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“By finding a quiet time and a safe space to get yourself into the right mindset is crucial to developing a deeper understanding and awareness about yourself; your actions and reactions.

Maintaining a level of self-awareness helps to build your confidence, self-esteem, resourcefulness and resilience, so important when you are confronted and challenged by external influences; people, places and events.

Be mindful whenever you lapse into an unconscious state. Reflect upon, but do not judge yourself when you become aware of your reactions and hidden prejudices. See this as a part of the process of awakening which leads you towards a state of mind that fosters understanding and enables empathy to manifest.

Seeing new things, places and cultures provokes curiosity, inspires and motivates you to grow and learn more about yourself and to be thankful whenever you have both the time and space to be creative.”

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