I love the word clutter. It’s a pleasant sounding word which rhymes with flutter, a light sounding word that leaves me with a joyous honeymoon feeling.

But the word clutter unlike the lightness of flutter sadly brings the temporary honeymoon feeling to a swift end.

What is it about clutter? It seems that a lot of our time and space is constantly (and ever increasingly) being filled with clutter. I’m not just talking about physical clutter, but also the mental clutter that we carry around everyday in our heads.

How is it even possible to function effectively with clutter? What does it feel like to be “uncluttered”?  

Sadly, it often takes a long weekend to be woken to the relief of being “uncluttered” in our mental space. I suppose retaining this feeling of freedom and relaxation is absolutely vital to our day to day health and recovery especially when we are at work, in increasingly demanding workplaces.

This brings me to the wonder of weeding!

When I weed my veggie garden, I feel that I am getting a bargain – two for the price of one, if you like. Weeding is both practical and meditative. When I “unclutter” a patch (so that I can see the veggies), it also takes my mind away from my mental clutter. So, having a veggie garden is my weekly health “clutter” check, (without waiting for a long weekend to “wake up”).

Then afterwards there is the feeling of joy that comes from seeing the results of weeding.

Check out my now “uncluttered” lettuce and rocket patch. It was while weeding this particular patch that I got the inspiration to write this piece.

What do you do to “unclutter” yourself?