Colourmetics is the result of a question that I wrestled with some years ago: How can you interrelate colours and numbers ? As you shall see I will use basic arithmetic to determine a relationship between colours and numbers, so the word colourmetics is really just a hybrid of the words colour and arithmetic!

Each of the numbers 1-24 will be assigned a colour, using arithmetic along with a little “creative licence” with the colour spectrum!

Later, I will demonstrate how we can use Colourmetics to create “pictures” to represent words, numbers and equations. This is indeed exciting and powerful stuff, so I hope you’ll come aboard this colourful journey, (pun absolutely intended!).

Let’s take a look at which colours will be assigned to the numbers 1 – 25. There are four different types of colour-: 1) Primary, Secondary & Tertiary Colours, 2) Lighter Colours, 3) Darker Colours & 4) Dark Shades.