Europe had a complete fascination with Magic Squares. In the sixteenth century they were considered as “magical’ and were even applied as “spells”.

In 1531, Heinrich Agrippa authored De Occulta Philosophia, in which he researched the earlier ideas relating magic squares to the ruling planets. These were known as Agrippa’s Magic Squares or Kameas. According to Kabbalah teachings, these Kameas were used to prepare talismans. The premise was that they transferred the power of the heavenly bodies through the numbers in their Kamea to another person or object.

Each of the numbers in a Kamea, usually inscribed in metal or stone, was connected with lines between the numbers, sometimes in numerical order. The resulting “sketch” was then circumscribed to make a disc or parchment. This became the magic talisman drawing on particular powers given to it by the planet it represented.

Below is the sketch of the magic talisman for Saturn.


Below is the Sigel of Hagiel, the planetary intelligence of Venus. Each Hebrew letter provides a numerical value, giving the vertices of the sigil.