Each of the ruling planets are also aligned with a day of the week. We will now identify which day of the week is identified with each planet and then assign symbols for each of these days.

Each of these symbols will be variations based on a geometric shape, the sides of which are linked to the order of the magic square aligned to each of the ruling planets.

Saturn:       Saturday   symbols#2img1

Magic Square 3 x 3

Magic Order = 3

Geometric shape sides = 3

The Symbol shape for Saturday is based on the Triangle

Jupiter:      Thursday   symbols#2img2

Magic Square 4 x 4

Magic Order = 4

Geometric shape sides = 4

The Symbol shape for Thursday is based on the Square

Mars:         Tuesday    symbols#2img3

Magic Square 5 x 5

Magic Order = 5

Geometric shape sides = 5

The Symbol shape for Tuesday is based on the Pentagon

Sun:         Sunday         symbols#2img4

Magic Square 6 x 6

Magic Order = 6

Geometric shape sides = 6

The Symbol shape for Sunday is based on the Hexagon

Venus:       Friday        symbols#2img5

Magic Square 7 x 7

Magic Order = 7

Geometric shape sides = 7

The Symbol shape for Friday is based on the Heptagon

Mercury:   Wednesday       symbols#2img6

Magic Square 8 x 8

Magic Order = 8

Geometric shape sides = 8

The Symbol shape for Wednesday is based on the Octagon

Moon:        Monday    symbols#2img7

Magic Square 9 x 9

Magic Order = 9

Geometric shape sides = 9

The Symbol shape for Monday is based on the Nonagon

In summary, the table below is a summary of the days of the week aligned to each ruling planet and shows the types of shapes that their symbols will be based on.

We will now investigate the calendar: each day of the week, months in a year and the type of shapes their symbols will be based on.