So, many of you may not know that I love gardening, it’s where I get my creative inspiration at times.

Look at this stunning, colourful, bright orange flower – it’s a Zucchini flower. It’s from my garden, I’m quite proud of it. What struck me at first was the vibrant colour as well as the shape.

Are you aware of the some of the most amazing geometrical shapes actually exist in nature?



Take a closer look at the number of “sides” If we look closely we notice on the Zucchini flower, it has five “sides”.

What else out there is linked to the number 5? Is there a connection? Or can we make a connection?

Did you know that in the world of astrology & alchemy historically each day of the week is linked to a “magic square” of a different sizes.

It has been thought that Magic Squares first appeared in a Spanish manuscript around 1280. The manuscript described the astrological features attributed to Magic Squares, one of these related to the days of the week.

(For those not sure, A magic square – is a square which is called “magic” because the numbers added across the square equal the numbers added down the square).

The magic square shown below is known as a “5 x 5”. In Astrology (via The Ruling Planets), a magic square of this size is linked to a Tuesday.

What if we were to extend this association to anything connected to the number 5? What if we also included other shapes with a different number of sides?  

Well, let’s take a look. Shapes and sizes can be also be found in the mathematical  maths – in the field of geometry. I have to say it’s fun looking for links between what we see in maths and what we see in nature.

The magic square has SIZE of 5 and our Zucchini flower has the SHAPE of 5 sides. Then in this case if 5 = Tuesday in Astrology, perhaps Zucchini flower with it’s 5 sides is the flower of Tuesday!!

This would mean that our stunning bright orange Zuchinni flower here represents Tuesday!

It turns out then that The Zucchini flower in my garden is not only stunning but magical just like the magic square!

Oh and just in case you were wondering what day this picture was taken? You guessed it…..This photo was taken on a Tuesday!