Category: The Zodiac

February 1 2016

We continue our discussion on Magic Squares, specifically now, the magic patterns that tie to the Zodiac. Magic Squares of order 4 can be distinguished by the various patterns that occur when complement pairs of numbers adding to 17, (half[…]

February 2 2016

When the numbers in a Magic Square connect in consecutive order in straight line, you have a Magic Line. The Magic Line of the given 4 x 4 Magic Square is shown below. The Magic Symbol is when the first[…]

February 3 2016

Beyond Magic Symbols and Lines, there is a subset of Prime Symbols that we should discuss: Prime Line A Prime Line is a variation on the Magic Line. All of the consecutive Prime Numbers in a Magic Squares are connected[…]

February 4 2016

A magic loop is the shape formed by the lines that connect to numbers which add to give the magic sum. While a magic square contains numerous magic loops, there are only two that contain prime numbers only:  {2, 3[…]

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