Category: Prime Numbers

October 22 2015

Welcome to the mysterious world of prime numbers. Prime numbers can be found across all aspects of mathematics, even in Magic Squares, which we’ll cover in upcoming posts. But first…Let’s start with the basics. What is a prime number? A[…]

October 24 2015

Prime numbers tie into all sorts of different Magic Squares. Here’s a peek at how the relationship between the two plays out, based on the size and type of Magic Square. An Almost Prime Magic Square The great English puzzlist[…]

October 26 2015

There is a special type of composite number called a Smith Number, where the sum of its digits equals the sum of the digits of its prime factors. Note, all primes are trivial Smith Numbers. For example, the number 94[…]

October 27 2015

8 x 8 Prime Bordered Magic Square The following prime magic square has a magic sum of exactly 19,000! In addition, it is also a bordered prime magic square. The inner 4 x 4 square, (shaded red) is a prime[…]

October 28 2015

Orders 3 & 8 The following pair of prime magic squares collectively contains consecutive prime numbers. The 3 x 3 has a magic sum of 219. The 8 x 8 has a magic sum of 1460. Note: the sum of[…]

October 29 2015

So far we have looked exclusively at the relationship between prime numbers and magic squares. Now let’s talk more about how we can identify and sequence prime numbers. Unlike other sequences of numbers in Mathematics there are no patterns, order[…]

October 30 2015

As you can imagine, there are numerous examples out there in the mathematics world of prime numbers with curious properties. Arithmetic and Palindromic are just two examples. Arithmetic Primes An arithmetic sequence is one where the difference between consecutive terms[…]

October 31 2015

The time has come to put your brain to the test and see if you can solve a few Prime number riddles on your own. Remember, the more expertise you have around prime numbers, the easier it will be to[…]

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