Category: Number Curiosities

February 22 2016

This quite amazing triangular palindrome, (a number that reads the same way backwards as forwards), can be developed entirely by the various products formed using only one digit: the number one. We start off with the simplest possible product: 1[…]

February 23 2016

The triangular palindrome developed in Number Curiosities #1 can be expressed in an alternative arrangement. Consider the top row in the triangular palindrome. The number 1. This can be expressed as the fraction: The next row is the number 121[…]

February 24 2016

When this number is multiplied by the consecutive numbers from 1 to 12 in a particular order it produces a remarkable or ‘mystical’ outcome ! Firstly let’s multiply the number 76923 in by the numbers in the following order: 1[…]

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