Category: Magic Squares

September 19 2015

We’re about to embark on quite a journey. We’ll uncover how mathematics, through the study of both magic squares and latin squares hold relationships with the planets, the days of the week, the stars in the zodiac and naturally occurring[…]

September 21 2015

Magical Squares were first discovered in ancient China, circa 650 BC. At that time they were regarded as symbols of the intertwined harmonies and complexities of the Universe. Some mathematicians and scientists still see them the same way today. The[…]

September 23 2015

Intrigue and excitement around Magic Squares quickly spread across cultures. Investigations into Magic Squares next turned to Arabia as early as the Seventh Century. Like the Chinese before them, the Arabs were able to find religious significance. Under the influence[…]

September 25 2015

Magic Squares appeared in a Spanish manuscript around 1280. The manuscript described the astrological features attributed to Magic Squares. Magic Squares were considered planetary. Each of the Ruling Planets: The Sun, The Moon, Saturn, Jupiter, Mercury, Venus & Mars were[…]

September 28 2015

Europe had a complete fascination with Magic Squares. In the sixteenth century they were considered as “magical’ and were even applied as “spells”. In 1531, Heinrich Agrippa authored De Occulta Philosophia, in which he researched the earlier ideas relating magic[…]

September 30 2015

Not all Magic Squares had their roots in Astrology or Mysticism. The engraving “Melencolia I” by Albrecht Durer contained a 4 x 4 magic square and was probably the first example associating Magic Squares with art. Durer’s Magic Square is[…]

December 22 2015

Durer’s Magic square has a startling number of properties. 1. The sum of the corners add to the Magic Sum of 34. 2. The sum of the centre also adds to 34. 3. Both opposing sides add to 34. 4[…]

December 23 2015

The magic square drawn below will make you dizzy! Determine its magic sum. Click to see solution.. Solution The magic sum is 264. But what makes this particular magic square so unusual? Draw this magic square upside down, what do[…]

December 24 2015

Consider the 3 x 3 Magic Square drawn below. It has a magic sum of 45. At first sight it doesn’t appear to have any special properties. But it does! Invented by Lee Sallows, who reported his results in Abacus[…]

December 25 2015

Here is a bizarre Magic Square also known as the IXOHOXI Magic Square due to its reflective properties. First of all let us note a few key aspects of this Magic square. (i) The Magic Sum is 19998 (ii) There[…]

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