Category: Geometric Puzzles

April 26 2016

A polyomino is a group of identical squares joined along their edges. A monomino is the simplest polyomino, consisting of a single square. Monomino A Domino consists of two squares joined along a common edge. Domino A Tromino consists of[…]

April 27 2016

The most popular polyomino puzzles incorporate pentominoes. A Pentomino consists of five squares joined along at least one edge. There are twelve types: Here are just a few of the popular pentomino puzzles. 1. Chessboard Fill an 8 x 8[…]

April 28 2016

A Danish writer Piet Hein invented what is now popularly referred to as the Soma Cube, during a lecture on quantum physics by Werner Heisenberg. During this lecture Heisenberg referred to space sliced into cubes. This gave Hein the idea[…]

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