Category: Brain Teasers

October 19 2015

The Wolf, Goat & Cabbages This is an old logic problem dating back to the 8th century. A farmer needs to transport a wolf, a goat and a pile of cabbages across a river in a boat. The problem is[…]

October 21 2015

Five Apples Five apples lie in a basket. How can you divide them up equally among 5 girls so that each girl receives an apple, but one apple still remains in the basket ? The Moscow Puzzles (Boris Kordemsky) Click[…]

October 23 2015

How Old ? If someone was born and later died on the exact same day, how many years did they live for if they were born in 50 B.C and died in 20 A.D ? Click to see solution.. Solution[…]

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