Category: Brain Teasers

October 19 2015

The Wolf, Goat & Cabbages This is an old logic problem dating back to the 8th century. A farmer needs to transport a wolf, a goat and a pile of cabbages across a river in a boat. The problem is[…]

October 21 2015

Five Apples Five apples lie in a basket. How can you divide them up equally among 5 girls so that each girl receives an apple, but one apple still remains in the basket ? The Moscow Puzzles (Boris Kordemsky) Click[…]

October 23 2015

How Old ? If someone was born and later died on the exact same day, how many years did they live for if they were born in 50 B.C and died in 20 A.D ? Click to see solution.. Solution[…]

November 2 2015

The Hourglasses Using only a 7 minute hourglass and an 11 minute hourglass how can you measure the boiling time of exactly 15 minutes ? Book of Curious & Interesting Puzzles (David Wells page 150) Click to see solution.. Solution[…]

November 3 2015

Optical Illusion Describe three different ways the figure below can be interpreted. Mathematics: A Human Endeavour (Harold Jacobs 1977) Click to see solution.. Solution A cube in the corner of a room A small cube cut out of a corner[…]

November 4 2015

Make Cents Fred went to a bank to cash a cheque. The cashier mistakenly gave him dollars for cents and vice versa. He took the money without taking any notice and went on to spend 5 cents on his way[…]

November 5 2015

An Exceptional Number An exceptional five digit number is formed by successive digits (not necessarily in numerical order) so that the number formed by the first two multiplied by the central digit will produce the number expressed by the last[…]

November 6 2015

Very Hard Boiled Using only a 7 minute hourglass and an 11 minute hourglass how can an egg be hard boiled in a time of exactly 15 minutes if the 7 minute hourglass can only be turned over once. Click[…]

November 7 2015

Worn Tyres A man travelled 5,000 kilometres in a car with one spare tyre in the boot. During his road trip he rotated all of the tyres such that at the end of his trip each tyre had been used[…]

November 9 2015

Magic Square Product Consider the 3 x 3 Magic square below. It contains consecutive numbers from 20-28 and has a magic sum of 72. Change the position of any of the figures in each cell so that the product of[…]

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