September 10 2016
Colourmetics Canvas for the number 6314606

By replacing the letters of the alphabet around the canvas with digits, we can represent numbers, decimals and even fractions as pictures. Number pictures use colourmetics to describe the order of the digits in a number. For example, consider the[…]

September 8 2016
Astrometics Zodiac Aquarius

Using colourmetics we can illustrate each of the star signs in the Zodiac, Astrometics. Aries ARIES Taurus TAURUS Gemini GEMINI Cancer CANCER Leo LEO Virgo VIRGO Libra LIBRA Scorpio SCORPIO Sagittarius SAGITTARIUS Capricorn CAPRICORN Aquarius AQUARIUS Pisces PISCES  

September 7 2016
Colourmetics Canvas Puzzle with Names

You can depict your name in a picture by using the corners of the canvas. Coloured crayons drawn to opposing corners represent the spaces between your first name(s) and your surname(s). The other opposing corners can be marked to represent[…]

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