The Stars in the Zodiac each have a birthstone and associated crystals.

The table below outlines the birthstone for each of the stars in the Zodiac along with some of their associated crystals. These birthstones and crystals represent the weeks that fall within their respective star sign.

Each week in a calendar year will highlight a birthstone or crystal, which will include photographs and other relevant information along with a daily geometrically designed symbols to reflect its complex nature, properties and structure.

These designs become increasingly more complex as the week progresses, to reflect that each day in a week comes under the influence of a different Ruling Planet.

For example, consider the Crystal “ Jade” which comes under the star sign of Gemini. Overleaf are the daily symbols for the week that highlights this crystal.


Symbols have played a key role in describing many of the components in Alchemy: solutions, solids & gases, along with the seven ruling planets and noble metals.

By using geometry we have created new calendar and crystal symbols based on the relationship that exist between mathematics and the ruling planets

Next up, we’ll discuss Latin Squares and how we can link their patterns to the ruling planets.