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March 21 2016

Two numbers are amicable or “friendly” if each is equal to the sum of the natural number divisors of the other. This is excluding the numbers themselves. The first pair of amicable numbers, (220 & 284) are said to have[…]

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October 19 2015

The Wolf, Goat & Cabbages This is an old logic problem dating back to the 8th century. A farmer needs to transport a wolf, a goat and a pile of cabbages across a river in a boat. The problem is[…]

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August 31 2016

Colourmetics is the result of a question that I wrestled with some years ago: How can you interrelate colours and numbers ? As you shall see I will use basic arithmetic to determine a relationship between colours and numbers, so[…]

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March 21 2017

So, many of you may not know that I love gardening, it’s where I get my creative inspiration at times. Look at this stunning, colourful, bright orange flower – it’s a Zucchini flower. It’s from my garden, I’m quite proud[…]

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April 26 2016

A polyomino is a group of identical squares joined along their edges. A monomino is the simplest polyomino, consisting of a single square. Monomino A Domino consists of two squares joined along a common edge. Domino A Tromino consists of[…]

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December 10 2015

A Latin Square is an array of symbols, (usually numbers) in a Square grid, where the symbols are arranged in such a way that each symbol occurs exactly once in each row and exactly once in each column. One of[…]

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September 19 2015

We’re about to embark on quite a journey. We’ll uncover how mathematics, through the study of both magic squares and latin squares hold relationships with the planets, the days of the week, the stars in the zodiac and naturally occurring[…]

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February 22 2016

This quite amazing triangular palindrome, (a number that reads the same way backwards as forwards), can be developed entirely by the various products formed using only one digit: the number one. We start off with the simplest possible product: 1[…]

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January 18 2016

Throughout history, Geometry has been widely considered as one of the seven liberal arts. The liberal arts that make up the trivium are: grammar, rhetoric, dialectic and the liberal arts that make up the quadrivium are: arithmetic, geometry, astronomy and[…]

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October 22 2015

Welcome to the mysterious world of prime numbers. Prime numbers can be found across all aspects of mathematics, even in Magic Squares, which we’ll cover in upcoming posts. But first…Let’s start with the basics. What is a prime number? A[…]

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November 16 2015

Now that you’re familiar with Magic Squares and Prime Numbers, let’s discuss Symbols, and their specific links to many mathematical aspects. In Alchemy, each of the elements, (Earth, Air, Water & Fire) are associated with the ruling planets and the[…]

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July 4 2016

You have learned the ins and outs of many mathematical intricacies on this site, the product of many years of hard work and research. But who is the man behind the app? Who is Glenn and what led him to[…]

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February 1 2016

We continue our discussion on Magic Squares, specifically now, the magic patterns that tie to the Zodiac. Magic Squares of order 4 can be distinguished by the various patterns that occur when complement pairs of numbers adding to 17, (half[…]

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Mathematics, Games, Puzzles & Inventions.

Communicating my passion about the hidden wonders of creative mathematics is what I do.


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My Career

Maths Teacher RMIT University

1983 - 2002

Glenn has taught Mathematics in a School in RMIT University across a variety of Programs, including VCE, Foundation Studies and the Advanced Diploma of Engineering within the Faculty of Applied Science.


Faculty Teaching Award 2001

In 2001, Glenn received a Student Centred Teaching Award in the Faculty of Applied Science at RMIT University. This award was received for his teaching of Mathematics in the Foundation Studies Program. Foundation Studies is a University Preparation Program for International Students before they enter their pathway Bachelor Degree, Associate Degree or Diploma Program.


Program Coordinator- Foundation Studies

As Program Coordinator, Glenn was responsible for the day to day running of the Science, Engineering and Technology stream of Foundation Studies. The Program continues today to be very popular with international students wishing to further their education and progress to Higher Education.


Program Manager (Foundation Studies)

2005 - 2013

As a Program Manager at RMIT in Foundation Studies, Glenn leads a team of 30 staff. His managerial style is energetic, interactive and hands-on. The position has honed his leadership skills and showcased his ability to communicate and relate with his teaching teams.

RMIT Marketing and Recruiting

RMIT Marketing and Recruiting

In addition to his lecturing and training responsibilities, Glenn has also taken on a marketing role of informing prospective International students about RMIT’s extensive and diverse programs. Glenn regularly travels internationally and attends a variety of educational exhibitions to outline and explain the benefits of RMIT’s unique suite of programs along with its distinct teaching and learning philosophy.

Glenn has been successful in the recruitment of a large number of Foundation Studies and Associate Degree students.

Program Manager (Associate Degree in IT)

Program Manager (Associate Degree in IT)


Glenn has the additional role as Program Manager of the Associate Degree of Information Technology and the Certificate IV in Networking Programs. The broad range of the programs that he has overseen show his quick knack to pick up information, digest it and then engage others in it, in the most captivating way.

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